"I ran a major water utility for many years, and the best thing that could be said about our service was nobody noticed. The water was always present, clean, fairly priced, and as expected, so the only time it would be noticed is when something was not right. The same can be said about the gas service from Tylex, and it has been that way for our company for over 15 years."

- Kevin D.

"Being a facilities engineer, I was in daily contact with many vendors and contractors. I can truly say that Tylex was one group that our company had confidence in when it came time to get current and future trending on natural gas pricing. We always felt comfortable in Tylex's expertise on locking in pricing to maximize our savings and provide a stable utility cost for our company's yearly business plan."

- Tom

"Tylex understands our business and keeps us informed of opportunities that can help us control our natural gas costs through their knowledge of the utility tariffs, rules and regulations. Their assistance in monitoring our gas banking is very helpful as we plan our purchases and their customer service is among the best with which we do business."

- Kevin W.

"Tylex has provided us with the necessary information to implement a buying approach to fit our purchase requirements based on our run schedules for over 15 years. Their expertise has permitted us to minimize the market risk involved in buying natural gas."

- Scott

"Tylex’s expertise in natural gas supply management has provided our company with full-service, cost-effective and reliable natural gas for over 20 years. They inform us of hedging opportunities in the market; this allows us to do our work without having to watch the market. Their customer service is among the best I have been associated with in my career."

- Carl