Natural Gas Services

Tylex markets natural gas primarily in the Ameren Illinois gas market and have sales representatives in the region.

Tylex has the longest track record with pooling behind Ameren Illinois. We take an individualized customer approach to managing gas services for our customers which helps minimize cost. Tylex provides full service gas purchasing and management on a monthly, annual, and multi-year basis, which includes a variety of pricing options like fixed pricing, NYMEX, and Gas Daily pricing.

Nomination and Scheduling Services

Tylex handles all nomination processes. Daily nominations are based on anticipated needs using historical data and weather conditions.

Our scheduling process for each individual customer takes into account several factors, including bank balancing, daily operations, and shut downs.

Transport Services

Tylex has long term FIRM transportation agreements in place with Panhandle Eastern Pipeline (PEPL), Natural Gas Pipeline of America (NGPL), and Trunkline Gas Company (TRK).