Natural Gas Banking Services

Rider TBS – Transport Banking Service per the Ameren transport gas tariff.

The purpose of this rider is to provide a subscribable banking service which allows transportation customers to bank excess gas delivered to the company's gas system. Customers will select the amount of banking service on an annual basis and their supplier shall notify Ameren of the customer’s bank election.

Tylex works with customers in our pool groups to manage their natural gas banking service based on their portfolio management strategy.

Customers behind Ameren that are daily balanced have the option to utilize the banking service, while customers that are monthly balanced are required to carry at least a 5-day minimum bank. Tylex works with customers who pay Ameren for the banking service to utilize it to their benefit.

Variations in a customer's usage above or below the contract quantity in any month will be injected into or withdrawn from their storage where applicable.

Utilizing the banking service allows customers to add and remove gas from their bank/inventory to take advantage of attractive pricing and weather fluctuations.